Cute Jungle Baby Shower Scratch Off Game Cards (28 Pack)

Paper Clever Party

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Your friends and family are sure to love scratching to see if they win the baby shower game prize. Scratch off game cards offer a wonderful way to add some excitement at the baby shower you’re planning. Pack of instant win game cards make an excellent addition to the baby boy or baby girl celebration for mommy. These printed scratch offs are fake lotto tickets which reveal winners and losers under each scratch seal. Family and friends will love playing this quick and easy activity at any baby shower, sprinkle, gender reveal party, or any newborn get together. 100% Uniquely designed to make your girls or boys baby shower event extra-special.


Measuring 2” x 3.5” inches, business card size

SET OF 28 Scratch Off Game Cards

25 Losing Cards & 3 Winner Cards Included


Baby Shower scratch off cards arrive ready to scratch and reveal, no need to worry over DIY or printing on your own. WOW! 3 winners per package, you decide how many prizes to have on hand at the celebration. Scratch off cards have real foil sticker seals that won’t rub-off easily, simply have your guests scratch to win by using a coin or edge of key. Scratch offs are a stylish idea to coordinate with a variety of baby shower themes. USA Made you won’t find Paper Clever Party designs anywhere else.

WAYS TO USE: Scratch and win cards are so much fun – a lot of ideas and uses for boys baby shower! Give as raffle tickets to scratch for mommy’s diaper raffle, tiebreaker to other baby shower games, for party favors, decorations on your party tables in place of confetti, door prize, giveaways, icebreaker and so much more. Add to cart to instantly please your baby shower crowd!

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