Abstract Bridal Shower Game Card Bundle (25 Guests) Word Scramble – Guess the Cake – Would She Rather – Famous Couples – Navy Pink Gold Supplies for Wedding Activities

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  • MODERN BRIDAL SHOWER GAME BUNDLE: premium quality 5” x 7” sized game cards are styled with abstract geometric design in blush, navy and gold colors, a great choice for virtually any bridal shower you are planning. Bridal shower games are designed, printed and hand packed with love in the USA.
  • BRIDAL SHOWER WORD SCRAMBLE GAME: 9 minutes to unscramble the items related to wedding on the game sheet, with included answer key you can easily compare answers to see which bridal shower guest wins the game prize.
  • GUESS THE CAKE: keep family and friends laughing and having a good-time with this bridal shower activity. One great idea for seeing who can guess the cakes based on game sheet clues.
  • FAMOUS PAIRS TRIVIA GAME: challenge guests to see if they can name the famous movie or couples pair in 10 minutes, using the names on the game list, person with the most correct answers wins.
  • WOULD SHE RATHER GAME: play this quick, and fun who knows the bride best guessing game in 10 minutes. Everyone will mark their guesses next to each item on the game list, person with the most correct answers wins.