Mustache Scratch Off Games for Boys Baby Shower Navy Chevron and Lime Set of 28 Cards

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Looking for a fun, easy and quick way to entertain your guests? Our unique scratch-offs are for perfect to easily impress your baby shower, bridal shower, gender reveal, birthday or any celebration, big or small. Scratch off games are always a hit with the lottery crowd and a nice change to traditional games + everyone will LOVE scratching to see if they win a prize.

Pack of Scratch-Offs Game Set Includes

Set includes 28 scratch offs


WINNERS BAGGED SEPARATE FROM LOSERS Unlike others which only include 1 or 2 winners per pack

Business card size 2” x 3.5” inches

Rich, vibrant and beautiful full-color design on front and back card


Use scratch off raffles in a variety of ways – there is no wrong way to hand-out – get creative & have fun

REAL FOIL STICKER SEAL – for best results use a hard-edge coin or key. Seals are durable and will not accidentally scratch off before you’re ready to give out and play.


1. Conversation Starter -hand out to each guest as they arrive

2. Display on tables at each place setting for added decoration and play during the get-together (careful, guests will want to scratch instantly) - Tie-breaker to other games - Use instead of writing names on traditional raffle games - drink coupons at weddings, school incentives, store giveaways, mini games, door prizes, playing possibilities are endless.

Mustache Baby Shower Party Supplies

Scratch Off Game Cards make a wonderful option to any celebration or party you’re hosting. This game is perfect for pairing with other celebration games that include prizes. A perfect party favor and coordinates with decorations for a mix of shabby party themes.


EASY to play, have guests scratch off game cards, person with the winning cards win a prize. Purchase today for your fun celebration!

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