Twinkle Little Star Scratch Off Game Cards (30 Pack) Girls Baby Shower Pink and Gold

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  • Celebrate special occasions with these premium Twinkle Little Star Scratch Off Game Cards. Crafted from high-quality cardstock and printed with a luxurious pink and gold design, these cards were made for unforgettable memories. Each pack includes 25 losing cards and 5 winning cards, bagged separately. Making it easy to know how many prizes you want to have. Let the magical fun begin!

  • Treat your guests to a game of Twinkle Little Star fun with these 30 pack scratch off cards! Featuring a moon and star design, these pink and gold cards are ideal for everything girly, from baby showers and bridal showers to wedding and graduation parties. Let the stars shine at your next event! ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒ™

  • This 30-pack of scratch-off cards is made of high quality glossy cardstock with a permanent foil seal to reveal the prize. The full-color game card design measures 2โ€ x 3.5โ€ and is ideal for baby showers, gender reveal parties, and other special events. Create long lasting memories and take the fun of revealing the prize to a whole new level with Twinkle Little Star Scratch Off Game Cards.

  • Createย the moment with our Twinkle Little Star Scratch-Off Game Cards! Perfect for party favors and activities, these cards add sparkle and fun to group games and conversation starters. With 30 cards in a pack, the options are endless! Shine on!

Make your parties sparkle with our exquisite Twinkle Little Star Scratch Off Game Cards! These celestial pink and gold cards add a luxurious touch to any special occasion, from girl baby showers to graduations to birthdays. Perfect for entertaining your guests, the real foil sticker seals guarantee excitement as you scratch off the cards and see if you've won the game prize. With 30 cards (25 losing + 5 winning) and endless possibilities, your gatherings will truly be a celestial affair!

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