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Magic Reindeer Food Gift Tags, Christmas Party Supplies, Kids Holiday Favors, Red and White Bag Labels, 16 Count

Magic Reindeer Food Gift Tags, Christmas Party Supplies, Kids Holiday Favors, Red and White Bag Labels, 16 Count

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  • Magic Reindeer Food Bag Tags: Share the gift of Christmas with our reindeer food labels for kids. Reindeer food tags for Christmas Eve a holiday favorite that boys, girls, and groups of all ages will treasure. With this pack of Reindeer food labels you can create fun kids Christmas party favors quickly and easily.
  • Kids Christmas Party Supplies: 16 pack of magic reindeer food labels in the pack. Magic reindeer gift tag are a folded, fold-over design. Use our magic reindeer food tags and add to your favorite Reindeer food bags by adding your own hole and favorite ribbon or twine.
  • Kids Christmas Party Favors: Sprinkle some magic on Christmas Eve. Magic reindeer food tags are for Christmas party, holiday craft fair, church functions, daycare craft, neighborhood gifts.
  • Quick, Easy, Some DIY: Our magic Reindeer food labels do not include Reindeer food. Add your reindeer food tags - use a hole punch with ribbon and twine, double-sided tape or a stapler to attach on outside of bag.
  • Made in the USA: Paper Clever Party reindeer food gift tags are the perfect Christmas party supplies for kids. Designed, printed and packed in the USA.

Details: Looking for a quick, fun and unique gift or party favor for children this Christmas? Reindeer Gift Tags are perfect for spreading some magic this holiday season. Christmas Reindeer Tags are sure to delight the little ones and adults alike. Reindeer Food Tags make a great selection for Christmas Parties, Neighborhood Children, School Functions, Sunday School or all the Grand-kids. Children will love sprinkling the reindeer food on the lawn on Christmas Eve, so the reindeer can find their home. Reindeer Tags Pack Details Set of 16 Reindeer Cards per pack foldover card design – you can add a custom message or personalized on the inside of blank card (these are SMALL, folded cards) Ready to add your own ribbon, tape or twine Ways to Use Your Reindeer Gift Tags Reindeer gift tags are easy to use, simply add a hole with hole-punch, staple or tape to any size reindeer food bag (reindeer food or bag NOT included). How to Make Reindeer Food for Tags The reindeer food is super simple to make, simply purchase cooking oats (instant oatmeal), any color glitter (we love red or green) and Ziploc or gift bags. Assemble to Bags Add about 1/2 cup or 1 cup of oatmeal and as much glitter as you like to each bag, attach your reindeer tags using stapler, hole-punch or tape! Fantastic, easy, DONE! Such a wonderful way to share a memory this Christmas Season!

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